Monday, January 4, 2010

Grane as Dancing Santa

I want to share this video.
I loved it because my daughter laughed really hard because of this.
I liked it when my daughter laugh like this.

This is because of Santa Yourself application.
Where in you can change the Santa's face into anyone you like.
I tried it myself and it is really funny.
It is a dancing Santa greeting application.

I got it from facebook when my friend there sent it to me.
So I made another one with my daughter's face to sent it to my relatives and friends as a Christmas greeting.
She noticed it when I'm done working on it so she sat on my lap to take a peek.

She really laughed out loud most of the time when she watched the video and asked me to repeat it again and again.
She likes Santa Claus and she was more amazed to see a dancing Santa herself.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cats are Good Example of Great Moms

This is our pet named Miya.
We don't know how old she is.
She's just a wandered cat at the back of our house sometime between September or October 2009 (Bagyong Undoy).
She is a sleepy, beautiful, sweet and pure white cat.

Our family thinks she was already pregnant when we adopted her.
She just delivered her 5 cute kittens last December 16.

We called her Miya because of my daughter.
My daughter keeps calling her Miya which she really means "meow" so we end up calling her Miya.
It is a nice and unique name for her anyway.

She just love to eat and sleep.
But now that she's already a mother, she's often awake to breastfeed her kittens and clean them every now and then.
She's a very clean cat.
You will see her often licking her body, as well as her kittens.
But that's the way cat cleans themselves.

She is also a very quiet and behave cat and maybe because she was sleepy most of the time when she was pregnant.
But now, you can still see her sleeping but if she's awake, she wanted always to eat.
That is maybe because she's on breast feeding.

It make us crazy because she's often hungry.
She'll never leave you unless you make her eat AGAIN!
But the wonderful thing is seeing her taking good care of her kittens.
We are sad because we can't adopt all of her kittens when they get a little older and when they can already  able to eat solid foods.

We really not a kind of family who wants to take good care of pets.
We have a dog when I was young, that was because of my father.
We don't like having a pet because of taking time feeding, cleaning and especially to clean up their wastes.
But now we are used to it and we now loved having a pet because of Miya.
But we can't have all her kittens.
We only plan to keep Miya and one of her male kitten.

We don't like female kitten because female get pregnant too often.
Miya is our lucky charm and we loved her that's why we want to keep her.
We will just look for persons who might like to keep her 4 kittens.
Although it will be hard because in our country, cats are not really a must have pets here.
There are so many cats here, you can see them everywhere.

But I realized that cats are one of the good example of great mothers because they are really caring.
They are like humans who really take good care of their youngs.
They are very protective.
They will not let you hold their youngs.

They feed their young often and on time and they will leave it to do other things if the kittens are already sleeping and full.
She also sleeps most of the time beside her kittens.
She will also separate some of her kittens that are much bigger to the others.
And keeps them clean all the time.

Mother cats are really wonderful.
One of the wonderful creature of God.