Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy-Blessed New Year everyone!
Wohoo! Its another new year.
I am very excited and very thankful about it.

I am confident that this will be a more blessed and a great year for me and my family with God's grace.
As usual, me and my family just stayed home.
My mom prepared a delicious meal for the New year's eve.
My brother bought some fountain and fire crackers.
He also bought ear plugs for the kids.
Unfortunately his daughter is not with us in this celebration because she is still with her mom (which I assume you know why it is).
But it is fine with us, she'll be home the next day anyway.

We took some pictures, wore clothes with polka dots, shakes coins and jumped as high as we could when the clocks reached 12 midnight.
LOL..funny and weird but it is a Filipino New Year's tradition.
Wearing polka dot clothes and shaking coins (ex. on pockets, jars or coin purse, etc.)- to attract more money.
Jumping- to get taller this year..LOL!

Of course, I know for my age, it is not already effective (if it's really works) but for the kids, maybe! ;)
There's nothing wrong with jumping while we trying to avoid the loud sounds of fire crackers.
It was fun anyway.

My husband is not with us, as usual.
I think we only celebrated Christmas and New Year with him 2 times in the past 6 years.
The second time was with our baby.
I already used to it although I really wish we could celebrate together but I am confident we can already celebrate it together every year when the right time comes.

For me, this is the very first New year for my daughter because this is the time when she already aware with her environment because she's already a grown up baby.
She can now appreciate pretty clothes she wear.
She also participated with the jumping experienced we had lately.
She also enjoyed taking pictures and she's already talkative and observant.
She can even make some jokes.

I am often amazed and very excited with all the changes and improvements that is happening with her everyday.
I am also more excited now when her Papa will going to go home this year because she is a big baby girl already, she can now talk more and play more with her Papa.
Oops, time for me to sleep with my baby now.
I already want to sleep with her and have some rest.
I think everyone here in our house are already sleeping because it's past an hour now since we got rest after celebrating.
Let's enjoy and be thankful with the rest of the year and many years for us to come!
See you around. ;)


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